Environmental Policy

Now more than ever we need to help protect our planet, this is why Olive & Bear is committed to taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and dedicating ourselves to the following initiatives:


All of our packaging is re-useable and recyclable, we are also paperless so therefore you will receive a digital receipt of your order.


Our delivery partners are equally as committed to supporting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. Hermes are exploring new delivery initiatives that can reduce emissions for the final-mile delivery as part of their commitment to sustainability

They are Reducing CO2, noise and pollutant emissions in delivery through flexible and customer-oriented services. The goal is to reach the customer even more frequently during the first delivery – this not only saves additional journeys, it also reduces emissions. 


In the event that you need to return your goods please return using the mailer that the goods were sent to you in, we can also reuse this for another order therefore reducing further waste.